A few years ago, my wife and I found ourselves rather disillusioned with the quality of the education our daughter Teagan seemed to be getting from schools she had previously attended.

These had been, by all accounts, very good schools and were graduating top students, but we had very specific worries about the modern teaching methods as well as the curriculum itself.

In questioning our daughter and trying to assist her with assignments, we realised that she had not been taught what, to us, were basic concepts and skills. She had never even been introduced, for example, to a times table.

This was distressing to us and it really wasn't working for her. She was scoring well within the system, but we weren't satisfied that she wasn't just learning information instead of learning how to process information, how to think. So we went on a search for somewhere she could do just that.

My part in the search led me to pay a visit to New Providence Classical School. I was taken into a classroom and was thrilled and amazed to find that these children were learning in a very similar manner to the way my wife and I were taught, over three decades earlier, by drilling in the basic concepts, THEN learning how to apply them. In fact, the students I saw had learned things I hadn't even heard of at the same age.
They had completely won me and it didn't take much to convince my wife. We had Teagan tested and enrolled her for the next year.

So far, it's been a decision we have not regretted at all. Teagan is excelling in the Classical System and the administration and staff at NPCS have proven to be wonderful people who care about their students and work hard to give them the best educational experience possible.
We have, on many occasions, recommended NPCS to people looking for a school that will get the best out of their children.

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